British Columbia

Enbridge Employment

Employment Opportunity with Enbridge

Surerus Pipeline Employment

Employment opportunity setting pipeline with Surerus

Western Energy Institute Employment

Job postings with Western Energy Institute

OJ Pipelines Employment

Employment Opportunity for setting pipelines with OJ Pipelines

RMS Welding Systems

Employment Opportunity for RMS Welding Systems

Fort Nelson Job Postings

All around jobs in Fort Nelson

Fort St John's Job Postings

An array of jobs in Fort St. John's



Alberta Oil Sands Information

Wikipedia information on the oil sands in Alberta. Scroll down for links to the major Oil sand production companies.

Alberta Oil Sands Employment

Links to jobs and work opportunities at the oil sands industry in Northern Alberta

Housing Information explain the accommodation situation and provides resources.

Bulletins on Occupations and Finding Work in Wood Buffalo

Information on different occupations and finding work in Wood Buffalo.
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